• Aris Celil

    Aris Celil

    Young wizard--powerful for his age
  • BARB


    7 foot tall Barbarian--Wears scalemail, furs, a full helm, big sword and axe--doesnt speak
  • Damon Hobson

    Damon Hobson

    Half Drow thief with daddy issues....
  • Gesryn Dethson

    Gesryn Dethson

    Fighting Cleric of Deth
  • Kaneth BloodOak

    Kaneth BloodOak

    Half Elven Ranger/Scout
  • Luk Sun

    Luk Sun

    Martial Artist--Stick Fighter--on protection assignment for Carthaen emmisarys in Strellin--Friend to party
  • Mondreyes Bloodcrow

    Mondreyes Bloodcrow

  • Vareth Meinthal

    Vareth Meinthal

    Cleric of Eissssis--goddess of Fate and Magic