Gesryn Dethson

Fighting Cleric of Deth


Gesryn Dethson—A cleric of Deth (no, not that death, the other one.) Deth is the Guardian of the Afterlife and self Determination. The order is known for its martial prowess as well as its good deeds overall to the community at large. Gesryn is what they consider a “Dethknight” forgive the pun…. He wields not only the might of his god, but he is also well trained in boxing and his own special 2 handed longsword. The order also has a particular hatred for undead, both mindless and intelligent. The order is highly thought of in most communities across the land. More details about this religion will come if you choose this character.

You are an orphan. Your parents and you apparently lived in the mountains North of the capital city of Strellin in a small mountain mining town called Eaglesstone. This was a mining village that specialized in silver and gold. From what you have learned it was small but prosperous being comprised mainly of dwarves and humans. It was wiped out over 20 years ago by what appear to have been a force of goblins that tunneled up from the underdark and came through the mines themselves. AT a guess the village was put to the sword in one night. You were found still a babe, barely a year old, clutched in the cold arms of a woman, apparently your mother. She had been stabbed in the back with a goblin sword while apparently trying to shield shield you. You were found the next day by a supply caravan bringing food to the mining town. Along with the caravan were several priests of Deth. They found you, and interestingly enough, you had a scar on your back and your belly as if the sword that pierced your mother, pierced you as well. However, except for this recent scar you were healthy. Next to your mothers body however was a longsword, apparently dropped by the goblin who attacked her, and a pile of ashes and soot. The priests immediatly took this as a sign and portent from Deth himself and you were adopted by the church. You have spent the rest of your life for the most part in Strellin. You were raised as a cleric and warrior of Deth. You have learned the philosophy of the church and readily accepted all of its training. You are one of the temples pride and joys, you excel in not only the theology, but also in its martial prowess as well. You have been personally trained by the best blademaster and priest the temple has to offer, Gash. Gash has pronounced you the best student he has ever taught. You frequently have been out of the temple, doing duties for the church as a travelling healer, caravan guard, and even a little adventuring here and there. You have truly adopted the temples hatred of undead as well. Deth is the god who guards the gates to the afterlife, and teaches that this physical existence is just the first step. What comes after this world is a matter of self determination. As such you know what when dark magic is used to animate an corpse into unlife that soul is yanked from the afterlife and bound in torment to that corpse until its destruction. This blatant abomination must not ever be allowed to stand. Those undead who are intelligent and chose their own path are just as heinous as most of them have the ability to create and bind undead servants and again bind souls that had already gone on in the afterlife to hellish existences. Your sword and armor were gifts of the temple for your service and protection. Your sword not only is a weapon, but with it in hand also acts a s your holy symbol. Your other holy symbol was forged for you from the sword that was found next to your mothers body. It appears to be a sword hilt, but rising from the blade guard is Deths symbol, a runed arch comprised of 7 stones, 3 on each side and the seventh forming the lintel curve at the top, with a faceless warrior beneath the arch, a sword resting point down between is feet.

Your normal dress is black leather pants, tucked into black boots, a black spider silk shirt covering your chainmail shirt over your quilted black doublet. The whole ensemble draped over with your red tabbard with an image of a longsword in black, pointing down on the front, and belted with your sword belt, pouches and purse. To give you, the player reference. Gesryn’s sword style is similar to that practiced by the Japanese samurai, his swords hilt is long enough to weild with both hands but the balance and weight allows it to be weilded one handed just as easy. He can use it with one handed with either one of his hands, as he is ambidextrous. He can read and write common, elvish and dwarven as well as the secret language of the temple. He is a nice guy, always willing to help, you are young, and open minded. He makes friends and he is loyal. i will also be sending along some additional info on unique cleric spells to his order. Suffice to say generally he does not take the reversed forms of his healing spells, even though he is permitted.

Gesryn Dethson

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